Growing Broccoli

I planted some broccoli seeds in March. Because of the shade from the nearby palm tree, the sprouts lasted through the harsh desert summer.

They became viney, growing long and spreading through the shady area. I'm sure they were just struggling to stay alive. I know that it's a cool weather plant so I didn't expect much out of it until fall.

As soon as the temperatures weaned off, the broccoli began shooting off those edible florets. They were pretty spindley.

As any desert dweller knows, the fall season is very short. Only a few weeks passed before my garden was at risk of freezing temperatures. I picked the florets and ate them...delicious of course.

After the 4 days of freezing temps, the bush began growing again. It was a bush at this point. It flowered immensely. Without doing proper research and lacking time, I just let it go.

The yellow flowers were so abundant that the bees seemed to be drunk with excitement. I now know to cut these before this occurs. This was still exciting, and it's still alive!