Back to the 1950s

To the 'feminist' of both sexes, femininity is synonymous with the eternal female principle... --Elizabeth Gould Davis

Feminism - adj - advocating social, political, legal, and economic rights for women equal to those of men.

I'm about as feminist as they come, but I think that your life partner should meet you halfway when it comes to life and chores. Some people believe that one person should carry the workload of the house and home, while the other works in the workplace. That's all well and good, and if that works for you, so mote it be. For those of us who have careers, are we do be expected to give up said career because of the housewife expectation? Some women aspire to be stay at home mothers (SAHM), they want to raise children and keep house and home. Other women are career driven aspire to greatness within their fields. What about the women who are somewhere in the middle? Maybe even left or right of center? I would like to have kids (20%), house (20%), home (20%), husband (20%), and a career (20%). Where do I fit in this grand schema? Since I'm the woman, is it my responsibility to do all 100% (broken up equally for simplicity's sake only) of those responsibilities? To further the argument, if women are supposed to have equal rights, responsibilities, equal pay, and equal every-stuff, why is this still a THING? I'm entitled to do 0%-100% if that's what works for me. If that's what self wants, that's what self deserves and should be entitled to without shame or argument. If my partner decides that he is willing to meet me halfway, 40/60, 60/40, 25/75, 75/25, then who has the right to condemn our relationship and what works for us? I don't condemn stay at home mothers. I have my own opinions (on everything, really) when it comes to the SAHM life, but I realize that it's none of my business what other people do. Thustly, it's no one else's business what I do, just as it isn't mine what you do.

brain from pinky and the brain pointing at the sky [image source: Warner Brothers Animation]

If both partners are working, both people should manage to meet in the middle when it comes to life responsibilities. The perception that women should be barefoot and pregnant is something that is archaic and is no longer a viable argument. If you expect for me to be barefoot and pregnant, then I expect for you to be outside building me a house, mowing the grass, and changing my oil. Admittedly, I can't cook to save my soul, but I can change oil in my car and mow the grass. I've learned to do an array of necessary life things, so much so that I'm pretty well self-sufficient. I've also managed to always date men who can and do cook, so I've never had to learn. (Dear trolls, I DO know how to cook, I just don't LIKE to.)

We women have been through the ringer when it comes to equality. Allow me to enter a shameless plug here - equality of the races occurred long before equality of the genders did. Allow that to sink in for just a second.

Women were 'granted' the right to vote via the 19th Amendment in 1920. That's right folks, women haven't even been allowed to vote for 100 yet years in this country. In 1870, MEN of all races were given the right to vote via the 15th Amendment. There were four amendments that passed, and fifty years went by before men finally gave in. To this day, men (again, of ALL races) in America receive better pay, better benefits, and have more freedoms than women do. All I'm looking for is the same equality that people are pushing for when it comes to religion, race, age, and sexual orientation. The agendas are being shoved down our throats for 'equality', but doesn't that mean equality for ALL people? What about ME? Don't I deserve some of this equality that's being passed around?

The media is quick to label Bruce Jenner as a 'hero' (that reminds me, I need to add that to my list of posts to speak on) for becoming a woman, but society is quick to condemn lesbianism. My train of thought here is, society views this man as a 'hero' for 'becoming' a woman, but society frowns upon women 'becoming' men. Society doesn't want to see lesbians, women in combat (another topic to be discussed at a later time), or successful women. Women are not supposed to be successful, have opinions, or expose their intelligence. They're supposed to be classy (dang, another topic), demure, and submissive.

Where's the equality? Aren't we supposed to be equal parts to the whole? I don't even need world domination, I just want to be viewed as an equal member of society. I certainly contribute as an equal member. I can guarantee that I pay my taxes (another topic! Just... just stop talking.) just like I'm supposed to.

Contributor: LadyRedLibberty